The Story of Weavettes

Licia Starts Her Dream Licia using a prototype in 1998.

Our mother, Licia Conforti, launched Weavettes with a simple mission: to make weaving more accessible to more people. She knew that these small looms had the power to spark creativity. She knew that old and new weavers alike could appreciate their ease of use. She did not know how popular Weavettes would become, and how large a legacy she would build...

Weavettes are a revival of the classic Weave-It loom, first patented in 1934. Our mother first discovered these original Weave-It looms under the eaves of her grandmother’s attic in central Minnesota:

"Along with old photographs and family mementos, there was a small weathered box that advertised Weave-It Looms. Inside were three, square wooden frames nested together.  Each had a distinctive pattern of fine steel pegs set around the edge.  There was a long blunt needle, but no instructions.  I became curious as to how these little looms worked.  I had found something that would capture my imagination for years to come."

Weave-Its were traditionally seen simply as "potholder looms." But Licia saw their greater potential. In 1998 she refined the original design, created rectangle sizes, and brought them back into production under the name Weavettes.

Immediately, she was inundated by calls from older weavers wistfully remembering the original looms and thrilled to see them back in production. Weavettes were featured in fiber-arts and crafts magazines, including Martha Stewart Living, Handwoven, and Eloomination. In 2003 she published a book of patterns to help Weavette users take their creations to the next level, and her book is now considered a gold standard among the pin loom weaving community. 

This journey was not easy. Between building a business, traveling to trade shows, and authoring a book our mother somehow found time to raise us, her two children, teaching us to use the looms while she built up her business.


 Licia teaches Julia (left) and Peter (right) how to weave in 1999.

Sometimes that meant that we would come along with her to her office or the post office in between school and piano lessons. But we didn’t mind. We could see her passion and determination, and now can see how she was modeling courage and work ethic as well.

Not available for over a decade, we are now bringing Weavettes back. On our Shop page you will find a collection of original Weavettes inventory available for purchase, as well as Licia’s essential book of patterns, Modular Textures: Patterns for the Weavette & Weave-It Looms. If you have any questions or need any assistance, please contact us. We’re here to help. 

We can’t wait for you to discover, or rediscover, the joy of weaving in the palm of your hand.

— Julia & Peter Conforti


Julia and Peter with mother Licia in 2020.